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10 Fastest Browsers in the World

Since the early 1990s, Web Browser becomes integral part of internet users. Nexus started it with Worldwideweb in 1991, followed by Samba with ViolaWWW, Erwise, MidasWWW, MacWWW in 1992 until the latest, Chrome 9-11, IE9, Maxton 3 and Mozila Firefox 4 in 2011. Today, internet users worldwide reach nearly one billion users and competition to be the best browser is tide. Stop from that opening and now I present you top 10 fastest browser in the world

10. Spacetime
Start up time 11,5 seconds, Navigation time 13,5 seconds
fastest browser space time Top 10 Fastest Browsers in the World
Space Time
SpaceTime 3D inc released SpaceTime Browser in June 4 2007. It works over Windows 2000 and Vista. According to early reviewer, SpaceTime is an attractive 3D browser and cool. However, for basic operational such as searching or browsing, they need more time to wait the WebPages fully loaded

9. DeepNet Explorer
Start up time 7,8 seconds Navigation time:6,3 seconds
DeepNet security developed DeepNet Explorer for Microsoft platform and the maker said, it has the strongest security system over Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is completed with Peer to peer features as well. However, about the speed, DeepNet has different story. The latest Version of Deepnet explorer is 1.5.3 (BETA 3)

Start up time: 10,7 seconds Navigation time 8,8 seconds
Phaseout is a flash base browser application that works on XP, Windows 2000, 98 and Window ME Operating system. View features available on PhaseOut is Pop up killer, Antiphising site, Tabs floating preview,Mouse over floating tab preview and other standard browser features. The latest version is PhaseOut 5.4.4

7. Maxthon
Start up time: 6,4 seconds Navigation time: 8 seconds
Maxthon or firstly known MyIE2 is a web browser designed for Windows. The recent release, Maxthon 3 is completed with Trident and the WebKit rendering engines. Unless MAC, you can install Maxthon freeware in your system

6.Avant Browser
Start up time 11 seconds, Navigation time 6,4
Avant force Developed Avant browser and released in 2004. The main programmer was Anderson che from China. He combined Trident layout engine with Internet explorer shell. After 4 years launching 22.5 million internet users use Avant. Latest release of the browser is Avant

Start up time; 3.7 navigation time:7,8
fastest browser apple safari browser Top 10 Fastest Browsers in the World
Safari Browser
Apple Company designed Safari for Mac Owner and Mac OS X user. Apple engineer compact the browser with ability to works on Windows. Respectively, It is most used browser in the US after Internet explorer, Firefox and Chromium. First released was launched in 2003 and the latest release Safari 5.0.5 was launched in April 14, 2011

4. Opera
Start up time: 7.3, Navigation time 4,4
Opera Browser is Opera software browser which was released in December 9,1996. It is written with C++ language and It works over all Operating systems include Free BSD and Linux. It has license to use Adobe Creative suite technology and the recent release is Opera browser version 11.50.
3-2-1. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox
faster browser microsoft internet explorer mozilla firefox google chrome Top 10 Fastest Browsers in the World
Internet Explorer,Mozilla,Google Chrome
Internet explorer, Firefox and Chromium is on the top chart of fastest web browser in the world. To surf Google.com, Firefox only need 111.4 ms, IE require 124 ms, and Chrome 186,2 ms, Slower among the 3. Testing with YouTube, Internet Explorer showed faster than the other, It only need 551,8 ms, while Firefox is 861 ms and Chrome 887ms. When these 3 browsers were tested to load Yahoo, It showed Chrome led the rank, it only took 704.8 ms to fully loaded Yahoo followed by IE, which took 718.6 ms and Firefox 1288.4 ms

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